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Thanks to the use of the anthropomorphic robot can be realized parts of very complex shape using the same philosophy of the numerical control, but with the incredible flexibility in terms of working range, speed, system customization on the actual needs of the customer.

The possible configurations are almost limitless, as the plant can be taylor-made to the customer as a dress.

It is successfully used in the field of prototyping, production and development of voluminous components, non-standard production, artistic objects, windows, ceilings and wall coverings, gadgets, promotional materials, etc.

The system comes with software simulation off line at the post-processor, it  can convert APT or ISO file in robot language.




Available on request:

  • digitizer arm to product engineering and high-accuracy 3D
  • laser scanner for creating three-dimensional models from samples or prototypes
  • Cam 5-axis for the tool paths generation

It is possible customize:

  • payload and maximum reach
  • electrospindle or other end-effector with tool exchange possibilities
  • automatic change tool loader
  • automatic tool setting
  • rotary axis with rotary table
  • linear axis robot movement for expansion work camp

The island classical configuration comprises a robot of adequate size to achieve the object, a rotary table interpolated with the robot’s 6 axes, an electro-spindle, a tool loader.

The advantages compared to traditional machines are:

  • complete system, keys in hand
  • flexibility
  • extensive customization capabilities on the actual needs
  • speed
  • cheapness
  • ease programming and use
  • high workspace and easily expandable
  • ability to work with additional interpolated axes


Configuration example:

Technical data

  • range 1600 mm
  • robot positioning repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm
  • programming using CAD-CAM 5 commercial axes, directly in ISO code or APT
  • 4 kW electrospindle with ISO 30 taper
  • Warehouse 17 positions tool holder
  • mechanical presetting optional