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Experience – Knowledge – Technologies



The starting point is always the briefing with the customer, who supplies the specifications of the product to be made, at times accompanied by a prototype. These create the starting point used to get the technological process for making the machine underway.

During the preliminary phase, the type of plant which best suits the process to be automated is identified.

The cornerstones of the concept process include analysing the application and the choice of material to be used, as well as the customer’s timescales and production logics.

TVM is trained to understand the operational needs of its customers. In adopting a thorough approach to planning the entire production process, it renders the flow of operations to be carried out visible. All of this is the result of experience which, combined with knowledge and technologies, allows the company to tackle any automation project.

These factors accordingly make it possible to develop turn-key solutions and produce machines and systems in a wide variety of industrial sectors. These include:

Moulding of plastic materials



Milling of wood and plastic