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Water jet cutting

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It is carried out with the help of tools like blades and cutters. It allows the removal of material in order to obtain from a raw piece a finished element.

TVM implements in their automation solutions industrial high quality blades and cutters to meet specific application needs. A specific study can adapt this technology to different product sizes and at different production times.

The right cutting solution helps reduce the total cost of operations, increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Water jet cutting

Technology that uses extremely high pressure water to obtain the cutting of various materials such as steel, marble, aluminum, and so on. It is sometimes used in conjunction with the an abrasive material that gives more punch to the cutting of the hardest materials.

The biggest advantage of water cutting is due to the absence of the raising temperature characteristic of many other cutting systems, in which the object of processing materials can be sensitive.

TVM integrates this technology in its machines, integrating it with software that can take advantage of its versatility in making complex and detailed.