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vuoto automazione

The industrial vacuum is generated by removing gas molecules from a limited area, in order to interact with objects and materials, or to perform tests on the same.

The TVM machinery get the vacuum or artificial vacuum through the action of special vacuum pumps which suck the gas molecules present in a circumscribed space. The approach is through special actuators suction or vacuum tables, which guarantees the success of the transport, handling and clamping of objects, the latter aimed at carrying out any mechanical works.

TVM applies the industrial vacuum production technique in versatile and creative way, creating systems customised to the specific needs of each client.

Transport of porous or sealed surfaces, waterproof test, security controls based on specific regulations and bagging of food are just a few examples of plants already successfully implemented by our workshops.

The vacuum is a privileged processing environment for many industrial operations, revealing itself in some cases indispensable. Some application examples are:

  • Assembly
  • Transfers
  • Packing and packaging procedures
  • Compliance and security testing and checks