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Plasma cutting

taglio plasma


It is carried out with the help of tools like blades and cutters. It allows the removal of material in order to obtain from a raw piece a finished element.

TVM implements in their automation solutions industrial high quality blades and cutters to meet specific application needs. A specific study can adapt this technology to different product sizes and at different production times.

The right cutting solution helps reduce the total cost of operations, increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Plasma cutting

Technology for metal cutting that employs an electric arc and compressed air which is transformed into plasma, the "fourth state" of matter.

The process takes place at temperatures of ten thousand degrees, allowing a clean and linear cut.

At the base of this process is the interaction between the electric arc and the gas (inert) active inside the plasma torch: the reaction convert part of the second in plasma; the latter issued by a special nozzle, forms a so hot jet to cut through the metal and fast enough to blow away the molten metal from the cut.

The plasma cutting is always less expensive, making it an attractive solution for industries of any size.