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Machine tending


It is a technology based on placing a machine to serve another one: this is done through the installation of a special robot who works more accurately than a person, increasing productivity.

TVM has encountered as they result in a winning solution for injection molding machines, milling machines and numerical control lathes, presses and so on.

Regardless of the fact that the interlocking takes place on one or more machines, the robot works continuously and enables unmanned operation.

The machine tending with industrial robots is a flexible solution that allows you to make changes in the unit according to production needs. In case of an automation with robots, machines can be activated in a much more efficient way, even overnight and on weekends, in order to get the most profit on investment.

In case of defective products or equipment failure, troubleshooting is simplified because human error is absent.

TVM also realizes machine tendings with other assembly and processing machines, so as to bring to the machine to be served, the pieces ready for processing.