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Processing list

Main applications for temple for acetate optical frames

1. Blank cut to size

2. Blank milling

3. Shearing, milling or laser cut of the temple  with the desired shape

4. Pre-tumbling (only in case of thermoforming)

5. Milling temple with the desired profile

6. Temple core-shooting  or temple-tips puncture (metal core insertion)

7. Particulars milling / logos

8. Capsule inserting for hinge protection

9. Final Tumbling

10. Inserting potential tiny logos under resin

11. Cutting end for mating with the optical frame end-piece

Main applications for optical frames acetate front

12. Blank cut to size

13. Blank milling

14. Shearing, milling or laser cutting of plate to size

15. Plate milling

16. Bonding inserts for pads and end-pieces

17. Noses and end-pieces bending

18. CNC 5-axis milling

19. Hinges fitter

20. Hinges protection cup application

21. Tumbling

22. Inserting potential tiny logos under resin

23. Bending (shaping with different bending radius according to the lens)